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I started Wikility in 2018. is written by Dev, an avid Internet geek,The focus of this blog will always remain on Health, tech and hacking in general. If you have any suggestions, issues, request about content published on You can send us an email ( We aim to make the life of our readers simpler and easier. We believe in providing a platform for people where they can air their views and issues openly. This blog is nothing like any news websites you come across on the web.

Blogging is just more than writing something and publishing, it’s a medium to share quality information, I realised people from all over the world to read my blog posts and I should take it seriously.

I didn’t really have any knowledge about picking a domain name, I just picked what I loved, so ‘wikility’ looked like a cool domain for writing about ‘Blogging’. is all about sharing knowledge and our website can be a place for you to share your expertise with your fellow audiences from around the world.

Thanks from Wikility.